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Learning illustrations is not that simple. The process involves some basic knowledge and concepts and a creative brain. Yet, as a beginner, you will require some hand outs as in tutorials to grasp all the attributes of the tool. Usually, illustration software such as GIMP and ImageMagick has to be studied thoroughly to get acquainted with the whole setup and then a novice has to move to a more practical approach. In order to build such an approach the learner has to get hold of tutorials. You can get tutorials easily from any search. ()

The best images sharing websites for sharing

Artworks have become an important tool to develop extravagant visual arts. The term artwork denotes the work of art by illustrating it through paintings. Now, the tool and procedure of developing artwork has changed drastically with invent of graphical image processing software. Portals and websites too offer various artworks and there are many websites which offer sharing of artworks. So, here is the list of websites which gives an opportunity to explore and share many artworks. ()

The best graphik softwares

Illustration software is a graphic art tool which is utilized to develop graphical designs and multimedia files. It uses either vector or bitmap tools to make illustrations.The bitmap one works at a minute level such as pixels and sets the attributes to get the perfect digital illustration. On the other hand, vector works on a comparatively big scale and describes formulas for lines and curves. As graphic designer can use both raster and vector illustrations in order to prepare a graphic file. ()